Thermal imaging camera inspection is a non-destructive method that has so far been available to a smaller number of users, however now it is available to you due to the development of technology. The thermal imaging camera displays the temperature "signature" of the material that is being inspected with a high level of accuracy (approx. 0.1 °C). This camera enables not only to identify the places with a temperature growth (in devices that are out of function, equipment and electrical installations), but also the places with structural changes of material caused by exertion, damaging or reparations (for example it reveals the reparations that are done in the hull) that are impossible to be seen with the naked eye and most instruments.


THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA inspections will be most useful:

During annual/quarterly inspections of vessels and during targeted determination of the proper condition of the system (vessel owner)

In estimating the condition of the vessel prior to purchase (buyer/seller)

For purpose of insurance of the vessel (insurers)

For purpose of financing the purchase (leasing or credit companies)

In estimating the scope of damage after shipwreck and in estimating the quality of reparations (all parties in the process)

To control the quality of a newly built vessel (shipbuilder)

In inspecting electrical distribution boxes and other equipment in marinas (owner/concessionaire of the marina)

The most frequent inspections that are performed with the THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA:

Inspection of the structural components of the vessel (hull,superstructure) in revealing the damages, delaminations, and other anomalies that affect the integrity of the hull.

Inspection of electrical installations and all electrical systems in the vessel to notice errors and potential malfunctions to prevent great damages (the highest number of fires / damages on vessels is caused by anomalies in electrical installations)

Determining anomalies in the operation of the engine, generator, pumps, shafts , couplings, winches, etc.

Inspection of hot water lines, water heaters, boilers, air conditioning

Inspection of electrical installations, electrical distribution boxes, cranes and other systems in harbours and marinas

In order to secure your vessel from damages, be certain of the proper condition of your vessel and of course protect your investments, feel free to contact us.