1. Pre-purchase survey

Pre-purchase survey gives the proper insight in structural integrity, status of installations and instruments. Result of this survey is report including the overview, overall findings, detailed list of equipment with conditions and findings or deficiencies. We also we give our opinion on deficiencies, repair cost estimate, and repair methodology in order to assure that yacht is 100% safe and suitable for utilization.

Following checks are made:
Hull/structural, electrical installations, navigation equipment, engine, pipelines and connections , tanks , fire fighting and safety, deck equipment , etc.

2. Insurance survey

Insurance survey is done on behalf of insurance societies,in order to define the base value of yacht for the future insurance policy values.

3. Repair survey

Repair survey is done to assure that repairs in the yard are done according to specifications and contract. This is daily survey for entire repair duration, to ensure that specified and proper material and works are used according to the best marine practice and applicable rules. Before repair we also assist in preparation of the repair specification and we give suggestions for works needed.

4. Financing survey

This survey gives the real market value of the yacht, for financing purposes (lawn, leasings etc.)

5. Hull humidity checks

Hull humidity checks is important in laminated or sandwich GRP yachts. Purpose is to find the hidden presence of humidity pockets which can cause further damages.

6. Sampling of fluids

Sampling of fluids (oil, water, fuel) to determine the status of the systems. Samples are sent to laboratories to establish the presence of external materials.

7. Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging is latest technology in detecting the possible damages in electrical installations which can cause the short circuits as well as fire.

8. Damage survey

Damage survey is made to detect the range of damage, and to give the full insight of necessary works to be done, together with preliminary budget for repairs. This survey is often done for insurance companies to establish the cause of damage.