We are proud to present our in-house designed E.V.A. boat fenders, with advanced characteristics compared to usual boat fenders, thanks to innovative construction materials and lamination technology used to reach optimal ratio between absorption and reaction forces acting to the fender.

Utilization of net-structure foam with closed cells of different density has show much better results than air fenders, due to higher absorption.

E.V.A. boat fenders can be utilized for any type of yachts and boats, but also as fendering systems in marinas, moorings, dry-docks. Fenders are fabricated with ecologically acceptable materials, and can be recycled. Furthermore, they can be customized both in density and dimensions to fully satisfy your needs.

Advantages of E.V.A fenders:

1. Fully floating
2. Functional even after ruptures and damages
3. Various mounting types – hanging, floating and fixed
4. High absorption – 40% higher then pneumatic
5. Low reaction forces
6. Possibility of repairs without losing the functionality
7. Ecologically clean material
8. Gentle contact with boat structure
9. Easy fitting
10. Maintenance free
11. Broad range of colours

We are offering two main types:

1. Boat fenders
2. Fenders for berths, docks and moorings